From Beginner to Expert: Your AI Learning Journey

With the right guidance, anyone can embark on an AI learning journey, starting from scratch. Imagine going from “AI? Huh?” to using it to solve real-world problems in Nepal. This is possible with the Fusemachines AI Fellowship Program. So, put on your learning hat, get ready for a fun ride, and let’s begin your transformation from beginner to expert!

Top 22 AI Trends in 2022

AI tech, such as blockchain, self-driving cars, robots, 3D printing, and advanced genomics, among others, have ushered in a new industrial revolution. These ground-breaking and innovative AI trends will likely change organizations, reshape business models, and transform industries. The article details the top 22 AI trends in 2022.

Skills Needed to Become an AI Engineer | A Guide to Technical Skills you need to become an AI Engineer

Most, if not all, AI jobs require an analytical thought process with a key characteristic being the ability to solve problems with cost-effective and efficient solutions. AI Engineers are capable of turning technological innovations into state-of-the-art programs. The article details the education prerequisites and technical skills required to become an AI Engineer.