AI in Samsung Products

Neha Uddin
AI in Samsung products

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one technology in particular that Samsung makes extensive use of. AI in Samsung products is what makes the gadgets appealing to customers.

After all, every company must progress in this industry because every company offers a product that provides support to users. Consumers use technology and link to network providers in order to “stay connected” and wield the power of looking up almost any information in the palm of their hands. Such product lines include Siri, Google Allo, and Bixby, among many others. There are also a plethora of goods from different companies on the market that use AI methods to help users obtain relevant data or complete required tasks.

Samsung and AI

Similarly, Samsung also uses AI to provide personalized content suggestions to users. The Samsung Research Center has seven AI centers in five countries: Korea (Seoul), Canada (Montreal and Toronto), Moscow, the United Kingdom (Cambridge), and the United States (New York and Silicon Valley), all working towards providing its clients with fresh AI-based insight and value. Several of the brand’s most recent products have also used Machine Learning (ML) to allow users to enjoy and explore cutting-edge future generation AI techs.

In like manner, along with Samsung, Apple and Huawei have also imbued their smartphones with AI chips capable of doing nearly 5 trillion operations per second while consuming significantly less power.

At a forum session in 2020, Samsung presented its long-term humanist vision for its AI strategy. The company aspires to provide purpose-built applications that improve end-user experiences. Rather than chasing new-fangled technology, Samsung is more interested in emphasizing personalization, seeking to assist its users in discovering items that meet their needs and budgets while also providing exclusive experiences.

Listed below are some ways AI in Samsung Products is used.

Samsung’s Virtual Assistant Bixby

Like all virtual assistants, Bixby’s goal is to make customers’ lives easier and more convenient. It does so by assisting them in completing activities and answering inquiries by understanding language and speech patterns based on their requests.

Bixby’s features include:

  • Bixby Routines: Bixby observes exclusive behavior patterns and suggests an automated task routine.
  • Making Enhanced Predictions: As per the received input, Bixby guesses the user’s requirements and offers personalized recommendations.
  • Managing the User’s House: Bixby can switch TV channels, switch house lights on and off, and also control the thermostat.
  • Quick Command: Once the user sets a trigger command, Bixby can execute a set of tasks in a particular order. These commands can include generating a command for a “morning routine,” which can incorporate sharing the weather report or playing a morning playlist.
Household Robots

Samsung Bot Handy was unveiled as an AI-powered domestic robot during the Consumer Electronics Expo in January 2021.

Although the robot is still in development, it has been designed to perform chores and lend a helping hand around the house. The robot may help the user by doing laundry, filling the dishwasher, setting the table, arranging groceries and laundry, and even pouring a glass of wine.

Smart TVs

AI enables Samsung TVs to provide viewers with personalized content recommendations. Meanwhile, NLP allows users to control volume, apps, and channels with voice requests.

Likewise, Machine Learning is also constantly improving the resolution quality of the platform’s Smart TVs. AI upscales the resolution to 8k to provide viewers with an engaging picture and an excellent viewing experience.

Smartphone Cameras

Samsung’s AI-powered smartphone cameras have improved visual detection capabilities, allowing users to shoot high-quality photos while having fun.

Samsung cameras also shoot better portrait photos. It does so because of its capacity to recognize faces. The AI can also optimize exposure and skin tones in changing lighting conditions. Additionally, the AI also aids in storage by allowing saved pictures to be categorized, allowing users to locate the images they are seeking as they browse quickly.

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AI and Machine Learning can revolutionize technology. AI in Samsung products and other leading manufacturers continuously integrate ML and AI algorithms in fresh and appealing ways. Doing so offers enhanced experiences for their customers. It also helps maintain its place amidst the competition.

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