From Setback to Success: The Inspiring Journey of Fusemachines AI Fellow

The Fusemachines AI Fellowship isn’t just about getting into AI; it’s about personal growth. Through practical projects, intensive training, and mentorship from industry leaders, fellows gain the skills to thrive in AI’s evolving landscape. We’re delving into the journey of Pawan S. Sharma, showing how setbacks can lead to success within this esteemed fellowship.

From Beginner to Expert: Your AI Learning Journey

With the right guidance, anyone can embark on an AI learning journey, starting from scratch. Imagine going from “AI? Huh?” to using it to solve real-world problems in Nepal. This is possible with the Fusemachines AI Fellowship Program. So, put on your learning hat, get ready for a fun ride, and let’s begin your transformation from beginner to expert!

All You Need to Know About Fusemachines AI Fellowship Latin America

The AI Fellowship LATAM Program is a training and education program lasting 6 months designed to create advanced career opportunities in AI. With a 100% scholarship, this program is led by leading faculty members from renowned US universities and industry experts. Graduates of the program gain a competitive edge in the job market and establish a strong foundation for their AI careers.

Top 22 AI Trends in 2022

AI tech, such as blockchain, self-driving cars, robots, 3D printing, and advanced genomics, among others, have ushered in a new industrial revolution. These ground-breaking and innovative AI trends will likely change organizations, reshape business models, and transform industries. The article details the top 22 AI trends in 2022.

Data Analyst vs Data Scientist

Data plays a huge role in modern society, from healthcare and business to finance and economic progress. There is a high demand for data scientists and analysts in the market as well, with salaries above the national average. The article details key differences between a data analyst and a data scientist.