From Beginner to Expert: Your AI Learning Journey

With the right guidance, anyone can embark on an AI learning journey, starting from scratch. Imagine going from “AI? Huh?” to using it to solve real-world problems in Nepal. This is possible with the Fusemachines AI Fellowship Program. So, put on your learning hat, get ready for a fun ride, and let’s begin your transformation from beginner to expert!

Behind the Scenes: Fusemachines Head of Strategy & MD- South Asia Parag Shrestha on AI Empowerment in Nepal through AI fellowship

The Fusemachines AI Fellowship Program is a transformative initiative designed to empower Nepalese youth. Today, we chat with Parag Shrestha, Head of Strategy & MD- South Asia at Fusemachines. Parag understands the aspirations and challenges faced by young minds in Nepal and envisions this program as a vehicle for fostering a vibrant AI ecosystem that drives progress and empowers Nepal’s future.