Fusemachines AI Fellowship 2023: All you need to know 

Safal Thapa
Fusemachines AI fellowship 2023

We are proud to announce the launch of the Fusemachines AI Fellowship Program 2023 for the seventh year running. Eligible candidates from different backgrounds are welcome to participate in this program dedicated to finding, nurturing, and developing AI talent in the country. In this blog, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the program. Feel free to share it with anyone interested to pursue a career in AI. Let’s get started. 

What is the Fusemachines AI Fellowship Program?

Fusemachines AI Fellowship is a year-long program to train, educate, and create advanced AI career opportunities with a 100% scholarship. The program is created by leading US university faculty members and AI industry experts. Graduates increase their potential for competitive job opportunities and a solid platform to elevate their professional journey in AI. 

Program Structure

The fellowship is a non-credited industrial training program lasting 1 year. You’ll have two-hour online learning sessions twice a week and occasional onsite sessions. The MicrodegreeTM in AI program is the primary compulsory program. You can then pursue the MicrodegreeTM Specialization program. Both these programs consist of 2 courses each lasting 3 months. Graduates are provided with certifications that are well-regarded in the tech industry.

Why you should consider applying to the fellowship program

This program is one of its kind in Nepal providing opportunities for students and professionals to start their careers in artificial intelligence and data science. The demand for talent is high and you can find rewarding roles by pursuing a career in it. Here are some of the many reasons to join the fellowship. 

  • The program is designed by a dedicated academic team of instructors and engineers
  • Fellows get AI exposure through real-world assignments and projects 
  • Students benefit from independent self-paced immersive learning
  • Valuable networking opportunities with peers, AI professionals, and alumni community
  • Graduates get placement opportunities at Fusemachines 
  • All students get a full scholarship with no hidden/extra costs

Eligibility Criteria for joining the program

You are eligible to join the program if you are a 4th year engineering and IT student, a graduate, or a professional who has sound knowledge of

  • Linear Algebra, Probability, Statistics, and Basic Calculus
  • Python programming and basics of Computer Science

That’s it! The course is designed such that you will be taught the basics of AI and machine learning. Apply today if you are ready to take the first steps to a bright and rewarding future.

AI Fellowship 2023 Program Outcomes 

Still wondering what you can achieve with the program? Here are some outcomes to help your decision: 

  • Fellows will garner data science and ML skills with hands-on experience in problem-solving and projects. They’ll also be able to select and implement appropriate algorithms, libraries, frameworks, and techniques for different problems.
  • Fellows will develop a solid understanding of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning algorithms with an understanding of underlying math and programming. They’ll also be able to run experiments to change details in code to improve algorithms.
  • Fellows can assess the performance, and evaluate and compare different models to design and deploy an end-to-end pipeline.

Here is what the stepwise selection process looks like:

Step 1: Online application

Fill out the form and upload your CV. You’ll then get a confirmation email within a few hours of the application. Click here to get started: 

Step 2: Online Proctored Entrance Test

You will be required to take an hour-long aptitude test in multiple choice questions (MCQ) format. Some topics assessed include:

  • Programming; Python programming
  • Math; Linear Algebra, Calculus, Probability, and Statistics
  • IQ and Problem-solving
  • Behavioral Questions

Step 3: Interview of Shortlisted Candidates

This is the final step and selected candidates from here will be a part of the Fusemachines AI Fellowship program 2023.

Step 4: Enrollment and Onboarding

Congratulations on being selected. After completing the enrollment and onboarding steps, you are ready to learn alongside other fellows and be the talent that drives the industry forward. 

Bottom line

Pursuing a career in AI can be challenging without proper guidance. Kickstart your AI career with a platform dedicated to create and nurture AI talent. The application deadline for this iteration of the program is December 15th, 2022. Don’t miss this opportunity. Apply today!