Nepal Television Covers the AI2Go Workshop

Press Release Administrator

In a recent segment, Nepal Television (NTV) covered the AI2Go Workshop- a first-of-its-kind program in Nepal. The report features a short interview with Dr. Sameer Maskey about the status of the Digitization Nepal Initiative and the role AI Shikshya plays in this campaign.

According to Dr. Sameer Maskey, CEO and Founder of Fusemachines, “The AI Shikshya campaign endeavors to overcome the AI challenges that currently persists in Nepal. Equally important to know is that the Digitization Nepal Initiative faces a shortage of IT and AI professionals. Consequently, the AI Shikshya campaign helps navigate this issue. At the same time, the digitization of Nepal is bound to bring about large data sets. These sets of raw data can help deliver valuable insights. For this, the campaign also aims to create proper AI models that will be able to transform those data into actionable insights.” 

In its mission of democratizing AI in Nepal, Fusemachines launched its latest venture- the AI2Go Workshop. This four-week-long comprehensive program caters to individuals who do not possess any computer programming background, and also for individuals who want to polish their computing skills.

Watch the cover by Nepal Television of the AI2Go Workshop and Dr. Sameer Maskey’s interview here-